Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time to Unwind

Do you ever find yourself feeling like a little windup toy?  Every stressful thing turns your crank one more time, until you finally reach the snapping point where you end up running around like crazy until your energy is spent and you fall over.  I’ve been there so many times I should own stock in the t-shirt company!  I think one of the enemy’s favorite tricks is watching godly women fall prey to this temptation.  Rather than waiting on the Lord in quietness and trust, we go pinballing around trying to accomplish what our humanity simply cannot achieve.  A woman on a mission is a formidable force.  If human effort could do it, it would already be done, but our Abba Father set this life up as the perfect classroom for Him to teach us that without Him, nothing good is going to come.  We need Him, not just to bless our plans, but to get us on board with His plan.  The Sovereign of the Universe has asked us to dance, but too often we want to take the lead.
I’ve been blessed this week as I’ve watched things fall into place that were completely beyond my control.  I’ve also felt my winding key being turned more than once.  Today I feel the Lord drawing us to Himself in the place of the still waters.  He is saying, “Come, sit still here in this peaceful place, and rest your soul.  Trust Me to take care of all your needs and concerns.  In quietness and trust is your strength.  I know what you need.  I see every situation that has you anxious.  In fact, I see it far more clearly than you do.  Trust Me to be the One who brings the answers for all the questions you haven’t even thought of yet.  Breathe in My peace.  Stop running.  When it is time to act, you will know and I will make it clear what to do.  Confusion and agitation are not from me.  Renew your focus on Me and My peace will be your heart’s bodyguard.  Rest, my beloved.  I’m here for you.”
Isaiah 30:15  Matthew 6:27-33
Thank You Abba Father, for being the One who has it all under control.  Thank you for the strength You give us when we rest in You.  Help us enter into the quiet place, and please help us remain aware of You as the peace within us throughout each day.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 


  1. Just what I needed this morning! I plan to breathe in God's peace!! Great word!

  2. OUCH! "I see it far more clearly than you do." That whooosh sound you hear is my pride deflating...